Frequently asked questions about Scott Bakula

Does he really play and sing?
Yes. Both his parents are musical. He started a rock band in the fourth grade. As a youngster he starred in a musical theatrical production of Amahl and the night visitors. His resume, both on and off Broadway, is extensive. In his teens he sang with the St. Louis Symphony.
He can be seen singing and playing piano and guitar in Quantum Leap (for example the "Catch a falling star" episode based around Man of la Mancha), Eisenhower & Lutz and Mr & Mrs Smith.
He also wrote the lyrics for Somewhere in the night featured in QL: "Piano Man".
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How did he get into acting?
After high school Scott, son of a corporate lawyer, attended a small college near St. Louis to do business and pre-law studies where he got involved with a summer theater program and performed in Godspell. He changed his major and started theater studies at the same college in January 1975. At the end of that summer he was offered a national tour of Godspell that was to originate in St. Louis. He left school but as the tour fell through he did more theatre around St. Louis.
He went to New York in September 1976 and almost immediately was hired for a dinner theater tour (in North Carolina) of Shenandoah; his first professional acting job. His first Broadway show (rather short-lived) was Marilyn: An American Fable (1983).
He dabbled with television in the late 1970's and early 1980's and he even worked on a few soaps but it is Quantum Leap that made his name and where he earned the reputation of being the hardest working actor in Hollywood with the versatility and ability to play any type of role.
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Does he perform his own stunts?
Mostly as he has the athletic and physical ability to perform them. Diamond Farnsworth has taught him well but does some stunts for him (in Mr & Mrs Smith, Necessary Roughness and Color of Night as well as Quantum Leap.)
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What are his hobbies?
Not much time for hobbies, as he is a notorious workaholic, but he likes to ski, play golf, ice hockey, softball, tennis, roller blade and soccer. He has played in celebrity ice hockey and soccer matches in LA. He also likes to watch movies.
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Is Scott really as nice as he seems?
Yes. He is always charming and polite. He often goes out of his way to be kind to his fans. He is also a considerate and consummate professional by all accounts. Dean Stockwell was given the chance to set Scott up for the Super bloopers and new practical jokes program (21 Sept 1990) when a bunch of student filmmakers were given the task of making a NBC promotional video. Scott was patience personified as they struggled with their task.
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How tall is Scott?
About 6 feet tall.
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What is that streak at the front of his hair?
It appeared naturally, virtually overnight, when he was 4 years old and led to nicknames such as "grandpa", "skunk" and "streak".
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What size feet does he have?
Size 11 (See QL: "Dr Ruth" ;-)
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What colour are Scott's eyes?
Green according to Sam Beckett's driving licence glimpsed in QL: "Mirror Image"
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Where does the name Bakula originate and how do you pronounce it?
It is Bohemian in origin (Czechoslovakia) and according to Dean Stockwell "Bakula" rhymes with "Dracula".
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Where does Scott live?
Los Angeles, though he used to live in Ojai, CA and at one time had a farm in upstate New York.
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Is there a musical show that Bakula hasn't performed in yet but would like to do?
At one time he wanted to return to Broadway but that would have meant committing himself for 9-12 months. He has also been approached to record more albums, but has chosen not to, preferring to further his acting and production career.
He sang Sondheim's Nothing's going to harm you from Sweeney Todd at the Kennedy Center Honours in 1993) and would also like to play in Man of La Mancha again.
Incidentally Scott also sang the The Star Spangled Banner (televised locally) at the 1993 Baseball World Series in Philadelphia.

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Is Scott interesting in doing anything else apart from acting?
Bakula Productions Incorporated (BPI) was established in New York in 1994. BPI co-produced the play The cover of life in New York late in 1994 and also Mr & Mrs Smith and The Bachelor's Baby for television.
Scott and Bakula Productions Inc. have a "first-look producing deal with Paramount Network Television. Scott and partner Tom Spiroff will develop and produce TV shows in all genres, with an emphasis on telefilms." (Variety, 18 April 1997) that supercedes BPI's 1994 agreement with Warner Brothers Television.
BPI has recently optioned several scripts (Daily Variety, 28 January, 1998), including:
Papa Jack, a biographical story set in the 1900s about the controversial boxer, Jack Johnson the first black heavyweight boxing champion.
Strike Mom, a lighthearted family drama based on Michele Tribout's book about a mum who quits, tired of doing everything for everybody else. (Variety, January 1998)
Nite Club Confidential, a film of the show that Scott was in back in 1986, that is set in the 1950s. It revolves around an singer who is locked in a love triangle that costs him his career and more.
For Angela -- and the Kids, a black comedy by Richard Holland set in Brooklyn. A libidinous housewife inadvertently carries on the family name through a bizarre plot twist. A Frances Films co- production.
Canyon Ellis, the Paul Birnbaum-scripted action-comedy, details a Reagan-era banker who shifts from hustling deals in Honduras to help his ex-wife investigate the disappearance of her second husband. Showtime-Viacom Prod
Stanky United, written by Jerry Colker (who co-wrote the musical Three Guys Naked...) the story of an estranged father and son who are brought together by soccer.
Fort, by Jeff Taylor, telling the story of the Fort family and their struggles with the modern world while trying to maintain their family values. Comedy. (Daily Variety, 28 January, 1998)
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When else can we expect to see him on TV or at the movies in another role?
Scott is scheduled to appear on the Rosie O'Donnell show on 17 April. This coincides with release of Major League III: Back to the Minors. He plays Gus Cantrell, a pitcher who's been in the minor leagues for about 15 years. Corbin Bernson co-stars in this Warner Brothers/Morgan Creek production.
The next time you hear Scott's voice it will be as the Robber Knight in Adventures from the book of Virtues episode entitled "Integrity". It is part of an animated children's series and it is scheduled to air in early March 1998 on PBS. Check local listings as the date does vary considerably.
Scott has signed to star in another science fiction based TV film for the cable company Showtime. The Immortal is about a scientist who has to fight to keep his discovery of immortality from falling into the wrong hands. It will be another BPI Production.
Scott will also be starring in Promises Kept. Filming starts in Europe in spring 1998. The movie is an adaptation of Eugenjusz Andrei Komorowski's autobiographical story, Night Never Ending. It is the story of a Polish soldier imprisoned in a concentration camp in 1940. The prisoners - 15,000 soldiers - are massacred and buried in Katyn Forest, Komorowski among them. BPI bought the rights to film this a few years ago. Now they have the go-ahead to film it.
It is possible that Scott may be one of two male leads opposite Carol Burnett in the Los Angeles production of Stephen Sondheim's Putting It Together to open in October. His name has been bandied about but nothing is yet definite.
The Turner Worldwide Pictures animated musical feature Cats Don't Dance was released in the US (March 1997) and Scott gives Danny, the cat, a voice. It has been shown on the Disney Channel (US). No sign of it elsewhere round the globe ...
In 1995 Scott made the pilot of Prowler for CBS with Scott playing a top-ranking Los Angeles police detective. This was not picked up and to date has not been shown on the networks.
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Is Scott married?
Scott really does try to keep his private life private. However it is known that he married the singer/dancer Krista Neumann in 1981 after they met in the cast of The Baker's wife. They also played other shows together but they were divorced in 1995. They have two children: Chelsy, born 1984 and Cody, born 1991.
Since November 1995 he has been partnered by Chelsea Field whom he met while making A Passion to Kill. Chelsea gave birth to a baby boy, Wil, either late 1995 or early 1996.
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Is there an address where I can write to Scott?
Here are some useful addresses:
THE address for all fan mail, requests for autographs etc...
Scott Bakula
14431 Ventura Blvd
Suite 320
Sherman Oaks
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Are there are any fan clubs I could join?
The main US-based club for QL:
(1996 price) $17 for three 40 page issues of The Observer Overseas members please add $10.00 US, Canada and Mexico please add $2.00 US. For more info see the PQL web site:
Project Quantum Leap
P O Box 30784
TN 85703
An international fan club based in Australia:
The Quantum Leap, Scott and Dean Fan Club
P O Box 28
Mount Gravatt East
QLD 4122

UK chapter of the Australian based club:
The Quantum Leap, Scott and Dean Fan Club
c/o 5 Lodge Road
WS15 1HG

The QL fan club/fanzine for the UK:
Quantum Quest
c/o 5 Sandfield Road
Thornton Heath

For Scottaholics:
Basically Bakula
c/o 5 Sandfield Road
Thornton Heath

French fan club for Code Quantum (QL):
For more info send self-addressed envelope with return postage (French postage or IRC coupons):
Oh Bravo!
93 Av. du General Leclerc
75014 Paris
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When is Scott's birthday?
9 October 1954
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Where does Scott's family come from and where did he go to school?
Scott's family live in St Louis, Missouri and he went to Kirkwood High School.
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Are any of Scott's family ever seen in Quantum Leap?
Yes, his daughter Chelsy. She appears in QL: "Memphis Melody". In one of the scenes in the coffee bar a family are sitting at a table saying grace. Chelsy is the little girl who peeps through her fingers.
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Will Scott be making any more movies with Clive Barker?
Scott had been offered the chance to reprise his Harry D'Amour role in Vipex, a follow up to Lord of Illusions, but for a video-only release. There has been no word on this project's recent progress.
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Does Scott have a publicist?
Yes, Jay deals with all Scott's publicity.

Jay D. Schwartz & Associates
8969 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles
CA 90069

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Who is Scott's agent?
He has been with the International Creative Management agency since April 1997.
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What happened to Mr & Mrs Smith?
Nine of the thirteen shows made were shown on CBS. Unfortunately the ratings were not good enough and the show was at first pre-empted and then cancelled. The series was shown in its entirety in Norway (with closed captions/subtitles). Although the show did show some promise it never quite found its feet.