Robert Downey Jr Biography

Profile: Actor

Date of Birth: April 4, 1965

Birthplace: New York, NY, USA

Sign: Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus

Education: High school dropout

Relations: Father: Robert Downey (filmmaker); wife: Deborah Falconer; kid: Indio


ROBERT DOWNEY'S dad, an underground filmmaker, passed his predilection for drugs down to Junior, whose role as a cocaine addict in Less Than Zero required little preparation. Downey began his career at the age of five when he played a puppy in his father's film, Pound. At twenty, he did a season of Saturday Night Live. In the following eight years, he starred in fifteen movies. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his physically demanding title role in Chaplin...

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A Bit About Robert...

- Born on April 4, 1965 in New York City

- Original last name was Elias until his father had

changed it

- Has one sister, Allyson (18 months older)

-While growing up, lived in places such as.. Greenwich

Villiage, England, New Mexico, Connecticut, and

Woodstock NY

-His debut role at age 5 (playing a puppy) was in

his father's movie, Pound

- Attended Santa Monica High, but never graduated

- Was apart of the SNL cast for the 85-86 season

- Once worked as a waiter in New York and once served peppermint tea to Sting!

- Met Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Firstborn when they were both 18

- Was involved with Parker for seven years

- Married Deborah Falconer (in her mother's backyard in Walnut Creek, California) in May of 1992 after only dating for six weeks

- Nominated for a Golden Globe, and an Oscar for his role in, Chaplin

- Won a British Academy Award for his role in, Chaplin

- Recorded a song for the Chaplin soundtrack entitled 'Smile'

- In September 1993, his son Indio was born

- Falconer left their home in April 1996 and took Indio with her partly because of his drug abuse

- June 23 1996, was pulled over for speeding and was found with heroin, cocaine, and an unloaded .357 Magnum in his car

- July 16 1996, was found curled up and sleeping in a neighbour's child's bed (now known as the Goldilocks incident) he said he had mixed some prescribed pills with wine that day..

- July 20 1996, sneaked out of re-hab clinic

- July 29 1996, remanded to 24-hour supervision in a treatment center

- Hosts SNL in Nov 96 under strict supervision... first television appearance since his arrest

Robert has recently gotten out of rehab, he has a sponsor, but if he fails a urine test, he'll go back to prison. His probationary period lasts until 1999.

He was also recently at the Sundance Film Festival with his father for their upcoming movie, Hugo Pool.

Films with Robert Downey Jr

1970 - Pound

1972 - Greaser's Palace

1982 - America 1983 - Baby It's You

1984 - Firstborn

1985 - Tuff Turf

1985 - Weird Science

1986 - Back to School

1987 - Dear America (narration)

1987 - The Pick-Up Artist

1987 - Less Than Zero

1988 - Johnny Be Good

1988 - Rented Lips

1988 - 1969

1989 - True Believer

1989 - That's Adequate

1989 - Chances Are

1990 - Air America

1991 - Too Much Sun

1991 - Soapdish

1992 - Chaplin

1993 - Heart and Souls

1993 - The Last Party

1994 - Short Cuts

1994 - Only You

1994 - Natural Born Killers

1994 - Hail Caesar

1995 - Restoration

1995 - Home for the Holidays

1995 - Richard III

1996 - Danger Zone

1997 - Hugo Pool

1997 - One Night Stand