"It all started when a time-travel experiment I was conducting went a little "ca ca". In the blank of a cosmic clock I went from Quantum Physicist to Air Force test Pilot. Which could've been fun... If I knew how to fly. Fortunately I had help. An observer from the project named Al. Unfortunatly Al is a hologram so all he can lend is moral support. Anyway, here I am, bouncing around in time, putting things right that once went wrong. A sort of Time-travelling Lone Ranger with Al as my Tonto. And I don't even need a mask! ! Oh Boy..."

This is the beginning of the Series where Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell star in fantastic tales of time travel...where fate can be automated and the future can be forever altered. Fantasy, drama, comedy, science fiction, action and adventure all blend together to form a very unique and popular television experience. In 95 episodes:

  1. Genesis - Sam is the Air-Force Test Pilot Tom Stratton.
  2. Star-Crossed - Sam meets his "almost wife" in the past.
  3. The Right Hand Of God - Sam is the boxer Kid Cody. He has to help a nun to bild her "castle".
  4. How The Tess Was Won - Sam leaps into the veterinarian Patrick Young in Texas. (Peggy Sue)
  5. Double Identity - Sam is the mafiosi Frankie (Volare)
  6. The Color Of The Truth - Sam is the black Jessie Taylor. He has to fight racism.
  7. Camikaze Kid - Sam leaps into the teenager Cam Wilson... He has to save his sister.
  8. Play It Again Seymour - Sam is the private detective Nic Allen who has to find a murderer.
  9. Honeymoon Express - Sam is the newly married police officer Tom McBride. He has not only problems with the wedding night, no, the project is about to be canceled
  10. Disco Inferno - Sam is the stuntman Chad. He has to help his brother to find his way.
  11. The Americanization of Machika - Sam is married to a japanese girl in America.
  12. What Price Gloria? - Sam is the woman Samatha. Al likes Sam more then ever...
  13. Blind Faith - Sam leaps into the blind pianist Andrew Ross
  14. Good Morning Peoria - Sam is the host of a radiostation with problems.
  15. Thou Shalt Not - Sam is a rabbi and should help his sister-in-law.
  16. Jimmy - Sam is the mentally handicapped Jimmy who is looking for a job and some respect.
  17. So Help Me God - Sam is a lawyer who has to fight for a innocent black woman.
  18. Catch A Falling Star - Sam is the actor Ray Hutton. He has to save the life of a colleague. But Sam meets someone of his past.
  19. A Portrait For Troian - Sam is the Parapsychologist Dr. Timothy Mintz.
  20. Animal Frat - Sam is Knut Wilton "Wild Thing".
  21. Another Mother - Sam is the Mom of 3 children and has to save his/her son. The problem is: the little girl can see Sam and Al.
  22. All Americans - Sam leaps into the high-school-footballer Eddie Vega who has to win a game.
  23. Her Charm - Sam is the FBI Agent Peter Langley who has to save a female witness.
  24. Freedom - Sam is an Indian who has to fulfil his grandfathers last wish.
  25. Good Night, Dear Heart - Sam is the coroner Spooner who has to proof that a german girl didn't kill herself
  26. Pool Hall Blues - Sam leaps into the pool-professional "Black Magic" He has to win a game. The problem is Sam doesn't know how to play pool.
  27. Leaping Without A Net - Sam is a trapeze artist who has to catch his sister who is making a tripple. Unfortunately Sam is afraid of hight.
  28. Maybe Baby - Sam has to escape with his girlfriend and a baby from the babies father. Did he kidnap the kid?
  29. Sea Bride - Sam has to anticipate a wedding.
  30. M.I.A. - Al tells Sam that he is there to tell a woman that her husband who is missing is still alive. Sam is not so sure about that.
  31. The Leap Home I - Sam leaps into himself. He wants to peruade his brother to not go to Vietnam.
  32. The Leap Home II - Sam is in Vietnam and has to save his brothers life.
  33. Leap Of Faith - Sam is a priest who has to save his colleague to make a big mistake.
  34. One Strobe Over The Line - Sam is a model-photographer. He has to save a models life.
  35. The (do not speak out loud) Boogieman - Sam is witness of really strange murders.
  36. Miss Deep South - Sam is the beauty queen Darlene Monte.
  37. Black on White on Fire - Sam is black and has a white girlfriend.
  38. The Great Spontini - Sam is a magician and has to fight for his family.
  39. Rebel Without A Clue - Sam has to save the life of a rockergirl.
  40. A Little Miracle - It is Christmas and Sam has an idea how to convince his embittered, rich boss to give.
  41. Runaway - Sam is the 13-year-old Butchie and has to save his mothers life
  42. 8 1/2 moths - Sam is the pregnant Billie Jean Crockett...
  43. Future Boy - Sam has to save Captain Gallaxy...
  44. Privat Dancer - Sam is a strip-dancer...
  45. Piano Man - Sam leaps into Joe Dinardo (Somewhere In The Night, written by Scott Bakula)
  46. Southern Comforts - Sam is a motel owner and has to save a womans life.
  47. Glitter Rock - Sam is the Rockstar King Thunder who will die after a concert. Sam does his best that this won't happen.
  48. A Hunting We Will Go - Sam has to look after a prisoner.
  49. Last Dance Before An Execution - Sam has to prove his innocents before he will be executed.
  50. Heart Of A Champion - Sam is a wrestler and has to save his brothers life.
  51. Nuclear Family - Sam is selling atom-bunker...
  52. Shock Theater - Sam looses his memory again. Al has to do his job and has to give Sam his memory back.
  53. The Leap Back - Al and Sam change places...
  54. Play Ball - Sam has to bring the baseball player in which he leaped back into the second league
  55. Hurricane - Sam is a sheriff and has to save his girlfriends life.
  56. Justice - Sam is not happy when he discovers that he is a member of the Ku-Klux-Klan.
  57. Permanent Wave - Sam leaps into a haircutter who has to save his girlfriends life.
  58. Raped - Sam leaps into a woman who has just been raped.
  59. The Wrong Stuff - Sam is the monkey Bobo. He is, like in the first episode, an Air-Force test pilot.
  60. Dreams - Sam leaps into a detective.
  61. A Single Drop Of Rain - Sam should make rain to save a whole city, but he has no idea how to do that.
  62. Unchained - Sam is a prisoner who tries a escape
  63. The play's The Thing - Sam is an actor who is in love with an older singer.
  64. Running For Honor - Sam has to save a homosexual from some silly guys.
  65. Tempation Eyes - Sam is Dillon Powell, a TV-Repoter.
  66. The Last Gunfighter - Sam has to fight a duell.
  67. A Song For The Soul - Sam is a black, female dancer...
  68. Ghost Ship - Sam is the co-pilot of a dangerous flight.
  69. Roberto! - Sam is the radiohost Roberto. He gets in problems when he wants to solve a chemistry scandal.
  70. It Is A Wonderful Leap - Sam is the taxidriver Max Greenman and he has to win a taxi contest.
  71. Moments To Live - Sam is the star of a soapopera, but he gets kidneped by a crazy fan.
  72. The Curse Of Path-Hotep - Do you believe in curses?
  73. Stand Up - Sam is a comedian who has to work for love.
  74. A Leap For Lisa - Sam leapes into the 20-year-old Al.
  75. Lee Harvey Oswald - Sam is Lee Harvey Oswald.
  76. Leaping Of The Shrew - Sam standed on an isolated island with a young, rich woman.
  77. Nowhere To Run - Sam leaps into a Ex-Captain of the Marine who has no legs.
  78. Killin' Time - Sam is a murderer...
  79. Star Light, Star Bright - Sam leaps into a 79-year old who believes that he saw an UFO.
  80. Deliver Us From Evil - Sam meets another timetraveller...
  81. Trilogy I - Sam has to help Abigail to proof her innocents
  82. Trilogy II - 11 years later Sam has to help Abigail again
  83. Trilogy III - Sam is a lawyer and has to help Abigail AGAIN...
  84. Promised Land - Sam has to help the Walters-Brothers.
  85. Tale Of Two Sweeties - Sam is married to 2 women...
  86. Liberation - Sam is a housewife with 2 children.
  87. Dr. Ruth - Sam is a famous sex adviser
  88. Bood Moon - Is Sam a Vampire?
  89. Evil Leaper Part II - Sam has a visitor again..
  90. Revenge - Sam and Alia leap into a women prison.
  91. Goodbye Norma Jean - Sam is Marylin Monroes chauffeur.
  92. The Last Within - Sam is Henry Adams and has to help Roy and Daniel.
  93. The Leap Between The States - Sam leaps into his own great-grandfather.
  94. Memphis Melody - Sam leaps into Elvis Presley.
  95. Mirror Image - Sam sees his own face when he looks in the mirror. Is he home?