Well, guys, what can I say about Dirk Benedict?

He is not just a wonderful actor but also a great human. He has made his personal dream come true. Not many of us can do that.

I can only tell you that u should read his book "Kamikaze Cowboy" (this is the german title).
It might help u with finding yourself through eating.
Unfortunatly I can'T tell u any parts of the book as I have it in german.


Name : Dirk Benedict
Birthdate : 1 March (Pisces)
Birthplace: Helena, Montana
Height : 1.8 m (5ft 11in)
Weight : 72 kg (158lbs)
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Blue
Education : Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington University (qualified as music major)
Home : San Fernando Valley, La. Log cabin, Montana
Family : 1 brother, 1 sis.
Father: attorney
Mother: hospital bookkeeper
Hobbies : Flying
Married : No
Fav. food : Macrobiotic diet of miso soup, oatmeal breakfast.
Fav. drink: Fruit juice
Fav. car : Porsche
Prev.jobs : Attorney
Fav.TVshow: The A-Team
Fav.actors: Gloria Swanson
Likes : Flying own plane
Dislikes : Sugar, being famous

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