munKa twitch are still stars u can touch!!!!!
I sent them a form and they sent it back - filled!!! THANK U VERY MUCH munKa twitch!!
See what they wrote:*

name: mehrere (several)
birth date: mehrere (several)
location: welche (which)
color hair: im Schnitt dunkel (on average dark)
color eyes: im Schnitt grün (on average green)
height: 451 m above sea level
shoe size: 129,5 alle zusammen (all together)
interpretation of munKa: best band ever
fav. color: im Schnitt Dunkelblau (on average dark-blue)
fav. sonx: none
fav. book: telephoneindex
fav. food: pussy
fav. place to eat: bed
food you hate: im Schnitt Käse (on average cheese)
weirdest food: pussy
fav. movie: giganten (gr), made of steel (tiny), alle pornos (elze)
fav. band: massive attack
fav. holiday: franz josef krainer
fav. season: of anger
fav. conversation: pussy
fav. magazine(s): tittenmagazine
fav. toothpaste: pussietent
fav. gum: pussiemint
fav. candy: pussy
fav. store: Tandler A. Weiss (Bärnbach)
fav. cloth: hot pants
fav. inside jokes: no jokes - we're serious
fav. girls name: lisa (gr), carisma (tiny), pussy (elze)
fav. guys name: melchmann
fav. words: pussy, sex, munka, oarsch
fav. ice cream: vanilla
fav. soda: skoda felicia
best friends: we hate us
best friend of the opposite sex: we like 'em all
girlfriend: mehrere (several)
best quality in a friend: money, car,...
best advice given to you: ATME!
personality type: yes
funniest person you know: elze
biggest fear: ca. 400m
one place you want to go to: kastelruth
time/date: 2 pussies after midnight
when do you get up: what's that?
last phone number dialed: 0190 474747
weather: who cares?
last word you said: said

* I compledet the english sometimes...(k)